Friday, 23 October 2015

How Pregnancy Affects Your Eyes

With all the changes to your body and emotions that take place when you are pregnant, you might not notice that your vision alters as well. In fact, hormonal shifts, metabolic rate changes and the body’s fluid circulations do lead to vision changes. There is no reason for great concern, so long as symptoms are commonplace. Here are the most expected changes in your vision.

• Water retention changes the thickness and curve of the cornea. One consequence is to alter the correction afforded by glasses and contact lenses. Be sure eye surgeons will not perform laser lens correction on expectant women, nor will optometrists fit contact lenses.Delay ordering new glasses.
• Nearsightedness worsens, the degree depending on the individual. Some of the afflicted may need to order new glasses. For the majority, nothing needs to be done, and vision returns to normal after delivery.
• Dry and irritated eyes result from cornea shape change and often continue through breastfeeding. This condition makes contact lens wearing slightly uncomfortable.
• Existing eye conditions change pro and con. Diabetics suffering from retinopathy should see their ophthalmologists to check on potential damage to retinal blood vessels. Conversely,glaucoma, a dreaded eye condition, abates during pregnancy and might call for medication modification.
• Dangerous symptoms requiring a visit to the ophthalmologist include double or temporary loss of vision, or seeing flashing lights.

If you have questions about vision changes during pregnancy, visit this website.

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