Friday, 23 October 2015

What is Causing Your Crusty Eyes When You Wake Up?

Have you ever went to sleep and noticed that when you wake up, your eyes are crusty? Well you are not alone, as this is actually quite common for children and adults. It is caused from discharge from the eyes. You may feel it accumulating in the corners of your eyes, and although it is usually crusty and dry, it can be sticky and wet. Regular eye discharge is very normal and essential to good eye health. There are some types, however, that can indicate certain conditions.

Normal Eye Discharge and Crustiness

As mentioned above, a crusty substance in the eyes when you wake up is usually due to eye discharge. During sleep, since you are not blinking as you would if you were awake, the discharge can collect it the corners and become crusty. It is usually a combination of skin cells, oil and mucus from the eyes.

When There May be a Problem

A small amount of eye crustiness is perfectly normal. However, if there is excessive crusty discharge, this could be a sign of conjunctivitis (pink eye). This can be viral or bacterial and usually occurs in one eye. Allergies may be the cause as well. If your eye discharge is yellow or green and is experienced with symptoms such as blurry vision or eye pain, a serious infection could be present. If you want to know more and are looking for a pediatric optometrist in La Mesa, visit this website.

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